The shortest trip to Wales ever

On a recent holiday at my parents in Winterbourne, near Bristol, I was all set to do a ride to discover the “mountains” at Wotton-under-Edge. However, there wasn’t time for a half day ride. I had happened on the fact that it was possible to cycle across the “old” Severn bridge, so I though what better to replace a long ride, than a ride to another country!

The details and stats of the journey are available here: Not sure what was going on with the altitude measures, because thankfully, the bridge is not 100ft below sea level. I like the fact that you can see the hump of the bridge on the way out and back.




  1. Nice.
    Is that my hump sack getting some proper use? 🙂

    • Your hump sack?

      I bought one and I saw it used like that in the Audax mag & thought it was a good idea. Waterproofs the bag as well.

  2. Ah, sorry, who did I give my hump sack to then I wonder 🙂
    Yes, I was tempted by that strategy, but decided to shell out on the Ortlieb bags instead, I don’t have any regrets at all.

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