Taking the long way home

After having to commute by car all week, I thought it would be good to take the long way home for my one day of cycling. This is the longest long way home that I’ve taken and was rather long for a commute, but I might to it again sometime.

Had some terror locking the back wheel on a slimy lane when there was a large truck coming the other way. Do other people have trouble locking the rear wheel very easily?

The stats:


  1. Looks like a nice route and boy you pushed quick, averaging 16MPH, wow, I haven’t done that since I went green (i.e. after I un/dis e-biked my bike). Mostly my rides average 14MPH, 15MPH on a good day.

  2. That was with the laptop & lock in my pannier. I thought it wasn’t bad, but I was tired.

  3. I suspect the more sturdy cyclists amongst us exert more force on our tyres giving more grip…

    • Yes, I too lock my back wheel up this time of year.
      The key is to rear wheel brake when you are on leaves, mush and the filth that litters the place this time of year and then you lock up the back.
      But it’s a whole lot better than locking up the front as I did the other day.
      The only solution is to go a bit slower, try and anticipate stopping and don’t brake so hard.
      Also sudden movements on the filth are out, take it easy when turning.

      • p.s. I don’t think cadence braking works too well, you just lock up, release, lock up, release, etc. Maybe gentle braking is the only option?

    • Could be the case ;-). Seems to happen more when I’m on the drops, I’ve not experienced it as much on flat bar bikes…

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