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Finally completed an Audax ride!

2 years ago, I entered a 100k Audax ( in February. It was sleeting, snowing abit and generally wet ant cold. I had shorts and had for some reason chosen to lose my overshoes at home. 25 miles in my feet had frozen and I gave up.

This year, having invested heavily in quality wet weather cycling clothing, I devised a 200km DIY Audax, to be done in mid February. Cue several inches of snow overnight. I know proper Audax riders would have done it anyway, but I’m chicken for slippy conditions on a bike, so fail number 2.

Yesterday, seeing a good forecast for today, I devised another 100kn DIY Audax and actually finished it!

Ok, the weather tried to get me again, it was zero degrees for the first 20km, but I now have good clothes (and wore my overshoes) and had organised mostly main roads so I din’t have to worry much about ice.

The magic clothes:

  • Gore bike thermal bib tights
  • DHB high viz base layer (
  • High viz cycling top
  • Specialized jacket (which I didn’t wear, though I wish I had for the first few miles)
  • Buff polar
  • Specialized overshoes
  • Sealskinz socks
  • Sealskinz gloves (on the edge of being too cold, but I had some Pearl Izumi lobster mits as backups)