Finally completed an Audax ride!

2 years ago, I entered a 100k Audax ( in February. It was sleeting, snowing abit and generally wet ant cold. I had shorts and had for some reason chosen to lose my overshoes at home. 25 miles in my feet had frozen and I gave up.

This year, having invested heavily in quality wet weather cycling clothing, I devised a 200km DIY Audax, to be done in mid February. Cue several inches of snow overnight. I know proper Audax riders would have done it anyway, but I’m chicken for slippy conditions on a bike, so fail number 2.

Yesterday, seeing a good forecast for today, I devised another 100kn DIY Audax and actually finished it!

Ok, the weather tried to get me again, it was zero degrees for the first 20km, but I now have good clothes (and wore my overshoes) and had organised mostly main roads so I din’t have to worry much about ice.

The magic clothes:

  • Gore bike thermal bib tights
  • DHB high viz base layer (
  • High viz cycling top
  • Specialized jacket (which I didn’t wear, though I wish I had for the first few miles)
  • Buff polar
  • Specialized overshoes
  • Sealskinz socks
  • Sealskinz gloves (on the edge of being too cold, but I had some Pearl Izumi lobster mits as backups)
  1. Excellent news dude!

  2. I don’t do wet weather clothes, I just get soggy, but I’m always dressed well enough to be warm. It’s the sweaty verses wet tradeoff, I prefer wet rather than sweaty. And no, I dont believe breathable waterproofs breath when wet, whatever the hype the marketing people want me to believe.

    Always carry spare clothing for puncture repairs or weather changes as any of these can really destroy the fun of a good ride this time of year. The thing I often forget is to actually bloody stop and put it on.

    I absolutely disapprove of your banana clothing, do you ever wonder why people dislike cyclists? Plus you look like a road sign / bollard. Against the countryside I expect yellow works well, but in any built up area there is too much yellow and I expect darker moving objects with lights on them are more visible. But most of my winter clothing is black because yellow is hard to keep clean.

    • Richard H
    • April 15th, 2012

    Congrats mate a good looking brevet populaire with plenty of uphill, and winter miles do count double too. . . Agree with you about the sealskins socks, they have kept me out of trouble a couple of times this winter in the ice and snow. However, the gloves I was not so impressed with. Maybe I’ll give them another go.

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