First ride of “summer”

It finally felt warm today, so I’ve done a ride around the test loop with the Sirrus to give a baseline for the summer.

I’m sure I’ve managed it well above 18mph, but I fear my fitness has suffered abit over the winter, so a 17.7 average is not too bad.

I’ve also updated the ride log page. Next time I’ll try the Brompton to see how much difference having 2 gears makes.

  1. I expect you’d achieve 20MPH if you had a road bike or 15 MPH on my bike. So you are half way between.

    • Maybe I could even have done it with an average hear rate of less than 212.. But then again as a “cyclist” it was good to feel the blood coming out of my eyes when it hit 280 bpm!

      PS, I think there is something not quite right with my HR monitor.

      • Maybe you have a twin growing inside of you, so you’re measuring his heart rate too. So you’re probably only running at 180.

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