Due to a strange culmination of circumstances, I ended up at my Epsom office, with the Brompton. Either I could get the slow train home (changing at Guildford and taking 1hr 30 min) or I could cycle the Brompton home.

Oncoming cold, but a tailwind.. so I went for it: http://connect.garmin.com/activity/165028529

The speed seems ok, but the wind was good. I think with the racer, I could have made 16-17mph average at least.


  • The seat is an inch or two too low. I had to walk 50m up the hill at the junction with the Woking road because my legs were  just so shot. The low seat is good in the city because it gives abit more confidence and I can always stand to power up hills.
  • The small wheels really suffered on the bumpy roads. The momentum would often just bleed away in an instant when I hit the poor surface.
  • The narrow handlebars and twitchy steering made it difficult to change my hand position, so some of my fingers were numb after “only” hours on the bike.

I think 10 miles maximum on the Brompton in future, or maybe a new, slightly longer stem….

  1. Couldn’t you have just raised the seat? Or is it at its limit?
    Ergon GP1 grips might help with the hands, I really recommend them.

  2. It’s as high as it will go.. I would happily have stopped to raise it if not.

    It’s fine for burning round London, but slow drags up hill really started to hurt by the end.

    Also, every creak came back in the frame as I rode, so by the end I reckon 50% of my energy was being converted into sound!

    • So it wouldn’t fit me or do they do different sizes?

      • They do different sizes (or maybe an oversize). I’ve seen people well over 6 foot on em looking perfectly comfortable.

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