Racing the storm

Another bash at the test loop yesterday. I think I must be getting slightly fitter because I managed 0.4mph better average (18.1 mph) than last time and I had the start of a cold. The wind was the opposite to last time (SW instead of NE) which should actually make it harder as the more open section was into the wind, but psychologically, I didn’t have my speed ground down too much in the first half.

The exciting bit was seeing a thunderstorm rushing in as I was pushing to get home. In the end, I “won” and just got in the door as the hail started!

    • aShawThing
    • April 23rd, 2012

    I like the Garmin data. That would have been great when I was time trialling and training hard for it. All I have is handwritten times for my 19.5 mile training course over Headley Heath / Box Hill and my time trial times. I had a heart rate monitor but I never recorded any data from it.

  1. Ah, if only I had a faster bike, my max of 16.9MPH to work isn’t very impressive compared with that loop.

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