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A new record

I made a late evening / night attempt on the test loop and I managed the fastest speed I’ve ever managed!

I think The Sands – Shackleford road has had a similar gravel treatment to the one at 90 degrees to it, but it didn’t affect me much because I could ride on the car track.

Perfect conditions with a very slight tailwind on the way home. Maybe one day I’ll crack 19!

HR still abit crazy to start with, but goes along with my theory that once I get sweaty the contacts are better and the recording not insane. Will have to work on positioning to get that from the beginning.

First faring forray

I’ve finally managed to get the front and read faired Windcheetah out for a ride. For comparison, I did the same route on my touring / racing bike in December 

I must admit, I didn’t notice suddenly being able to go much faster, but I’m not sure I had the front faring on at quite the right angle and I could feel alot of wind on my hands which should be in the prime position for being out of the airflow.



As you can see from the image above, compared to other pictures I’ve seen, my front faring is set up flatter (on the advice of the person I bought it from). While that might help the air over the top, it could well let too much in underneath.

I was very glad of three wheels when I discovered that the Elstead – Putenham road has been “re-surfaced” with loose gravel and I was power-sliding all the way up it. It would have been really horrible on a bike.

Better late than never

I had this ride planned with my friend Richard this day last year (well, 2 days later). Then my wife went into labour and not being a “proper” cyclist, I called it off. So a re-match of us against the devilish hills was called for.

Again suspicious of my heart rate. I can see it getting up to 200 on 25% grades (I saw that on my screen before I went blind), but it seems to happen much too often.

Love the new Box Hill AAA grade tarmac. I’d happily pay double the tax to have all cyclable roads like this.

Aero beast

I’ve finally put the faring on the Windcheetah and though I would take some pictures.

Unfortunately, I realise that I didn’t properly seal the luggage compartment, so it looks abit sloppy. Oh well, Friday is meant to be dry, so  I can get some more pictures then, and maybe even a ride!

Making the commute more interesting

I reckon this would be fast. Could be a little nerve wracking heading through parliament square.

Pair consulting

As a twist on pair programming, today we tried some pair consulting. We were writing a document that involved the combination of process (my colleagues area of knowledge) with data that supported the process (my area).

This actually worked really well, with us swapping the keyboard when we got stuck trying to explain a concept. The other person would then look on to make sure what the writer was writing made sense.

We really surprised the project manager in how quickly we managed to knock the document out and it was approved first time.

I think we’ll try that again. Maybe one day I’ll try it with code!