Better late than never

I had this ride planned with my friend Richard this day last year (well, 2 days later). Then my wife went into labour and not being a “proper” cyclist, I called it off. So a re-match of us against the devilish hills was called for.

Again suspicious of my heart rate. I can see it getting up to 200 on 25% grades (I saw that on my screen before I went blind), but it seems to happen much too often.

Love the new Box Hill AAA grade tarmac. I’d happily pay double the tax to have all cyclable roads like this.

  1. Did you attach the heart rate sensor to your wheel magnet? You go fast your heart rate goes berserk, slow down on the ascents and it drops back down!

  2. Once again I apologise for being so horribly inconsiderate and asking you to take me to hospital instead of going for a bike ride. Though considering you said you’d be 4 hours and were gone six and a half, I still think it was a good decision not to just cross my legs!! 😉

    • I cycled around in loops waiting for my wife, I then started laying a path in the garden while I was bored, then she went into labour, the path still hasn’t been finished.

  3. My wheel magnet has fallen off, so maybe it’s picking up the heart rate as a some sort of a phantom limb.

    Before, the monitor wasn’t vary tight, but I’ve worked out a better way to do it so I’m really not sure this time. Maybe the wind dries it out so it doesn’t have as good a contact anymore.

    • When my chest feels like it’s going to explode, then I know I’ve peaked.
      Though I wish I had a device to train against, I’m sure it takes the fun out of a casual ride.

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