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Sirrus breaks 19!

A milestone today, I got the Sirrus (fast tourer / Audax) round the test loop above 19mph! I know this is no great shakes on the TDF, but they don’t have rack, bags and no sleep.

Unfortunately forgot the heart rate monitor, so no way to see how much I broke myself up over it. But I can walk and talk, which is more than I could do after the same route on the Windcheetah.

Maybe one day I’ll get to 20!

A “new” bike in cycling paradise

Last year I was using an old mountain bike for taking my 2 year old to nursery (on a rear seat) then cycling on to work with it. For the last year or so, I’ve been working in London so have not been on nursery duty. Instead the Brompton has been taking it’s share of work. Towards the end of the child-lugging time, the bike was starting to get abit ropey, with strange noises and a middle chain-ring that was stripped bare.

With an upcoming holiday to North Norfolk and after mad schemes of re-building a friends ( old frame with a Rohloff, I decided that all that was needed for the child-lugger was an upgrade, that would make it a nice bike to do long rides on while on holiday as well as carting children.

So, identifying the problems:

  • Chewed up chain-rings
  • Creaky pedals
  • Grinding bottom bracket
  • Worn out grips
  • Broken mirrors

The cheapest upgrade path appeared to be:

  • New chain-set (including BB) (Shimano Deore)
  • New pedals (can’t remember)
  • New mirror (Zefla)
  • New grips (Ergon)

The result is shown below:

I removed the front child seat shortly after because  it didn’t feel safe with a wriggly three year old on it.

The upgrades proved very successful and I was able to do the following child free rides:

On the second of these rides I saw precisely zero cars! Having nice pedals really makes a difference. However, I’m not sure how people cope without TT bars and / or drops on their bikes. I ended up resting my elbows on the Ergons and holding the bar bag to re-create a more aerodynamic position!

North Norfolk seems perfect cycling country. I only hope it doesn’t get infested with roadies.