Sirrus breaks 19!

A milestone today, I got the Sirrus (fast tourer / Audax) round the test loop above 19mph! I know this is no great shakes on the TDF, but they don’t have rack, bags and no sleep.

Unfortunately forgot the heart rate monitor, so no way to see how much I broke myself up over it. But I can walk and talk, which is more than I could do after the same route on the Windcheetah.

Maybe one day I’ll get to 20!

  1. Well done, I’d not top that without a road bike.
    I’ve come close, but haven’t been up to 18MPH since 😦

    • The speed records only count around that loop I’m afraid. As I recall your 18mph was with a howling tailwind. Not that I could do it with your bike.

      I’d be tempted to try it with a light road bike, but I don’t want to buy one.

      • I’ve had a few 17.8MPH average with no wind. It doesn’t matter where the record is set, just as long as all attempts are equal.

        You do want a road bike, you just don’t know it.

      • My bike is faster than you think it is.

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