Visit to Bikefix – Raptobike experience

I’ve been wanting to try the Raptobike midracer and a lowracer for a while and I finally got my chance.

While central London may not be ideal recumbent conditions, I did get to do alot of low speed fooling.

The Raptobike midracer was very competent. The mechanical drag didn’t feel any greater than the Bacchetta Giro, while it also had a seat about 4-5″ lower and comes apart in the middle for storage / transport. I found the seat a little too reclined for city riding and had one or two heel clips while trying to do u-turns.

As the lowracer example, I tried the Raptobike lowracer. I only took it a few hundred yards, but was pleasantly surprised that it was no more difficult to balance on than the midracer and perhaps easier to start on because the bottom bracket was closer to the ground (if the same height above the seat). It immediately felt faster (probably because of the skinnier tyres) and I don’t think bumps would be an issue because I bumped it off a kerb without any trouble. I tried to stop and balance on my hand, but the bike never “fell” the right way when I stopped. I did manage to start from a hand stand though.


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