Bike upgrade

After itching for a new bike for a long time, I finally took the “sensible” decision to upgrade the trusty Sirrus (for the second time in it’s life) with some nice light wheels and slightly skinnier tyres (28 vs 32mm), to see if I like that sort of thing. I’ve done this, partly because I reckon this is the biggest bang for the buck performance wise (that I haven’t done already) and I like all the components I now have on the Sirrus, which I might not be able to get on a new bike.

So, after £250 of new wheels and tyres, I have a bike that’s 800g lighter and looks flash.



After 3 weeks of tonsillitis, lack of tools and colds, I finally managed to get out for a ride on my new wheels. I took advantage of being able to do a slightly longer 30k loop. You can see the comparison between the new and old set-ups.



So, a gain of 0.5mph. However, it felt much more lively to accelerate, I din’t feel anywhere near as fit as the effort on the old wheels and it quite abit windier.

  1. Your bike is the wrong colour to be flash.
    At least Bluebell is bright blue, Dave’s is a bright red postie bike, your bike just looks plain.
    The rims look fancy though I agree.

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