Light bike, heavy bag

I had the chance to commute to work (2.5 miles each way) on my now lightened bike.

Trouble was, I had my laptop with me. After taking the longer way home (5 miles) up a steep hill (15%) and feeling not particularly like I was dancing on the pedals, I decided to weigh my bag.

9.9kg! That’d by why then and frankly I wouldn’t want to cycle any more than 5 miles with that on my back. I couldn’t use the TT bars because it was too uncomfortable.

I have to find out how much of that is the monster laptop I’ve been given by work (very nice for working on and 5 hrs battery life, but a little chunky) and how much is other junk. I already know that 800g was potatoes, exactly offsetting weight saving of the £250 I spent on the new wheels.


  1. I’ve never liked riding with a bag on my back for any distance, that weight goes on your hands, arms, shoulders, back and your bum. None of which appeal, not to mention an ubber unpleasant sweaty back in summer.
    I don’t carry a laptop that often when I commute, but I haven’t weighed my bags either, I expect there’s a good few kilo in them all the same, not to mention my 2 x 660g tyres I’m rolling. My setup is far from lightweight, but it is very reliable, and that is the most important part for me.

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