And the solution is…

If you’re reading this blog, you probably already know the solution to this problem.

Nice warm country, perhaps trouble with crime, but can’t be any worse than being parked in a flash car.

  1. Lol

    • You’re not seeing the bigger picture Tim.

      What they need is a project to fit all cars, trucks and buses with reporting GPSs, then conduct a 2 year study of traffic patters, then implement smart metering and traffic signals on the roads. Eventually, they could even build smart roads that re-configure themselves dynamically based on demand. I reckon such a project couldn’t cost more than $20Bn, so a snip, but wouldn’t leave any budget for cycle lanes.

      • Lol
        There we go, pet project decided on, re-configuring roads…. please wait…

      • Now all we need is for the $20Bn to roll in…..

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