Year of Cycling 2011/12 – August to August

Another year of cycling is complete.

Some stats by cycle:

  • Windcheetah
    • Trips: 5
    • Disatance: 83 miles
  • Cruz
    • Trips: 0 (not quite true, but nothing substantive)
    • Distance: 0 miles
  • Khatmandu (baby/boy lugger)
    • Trips: 26
    • Distance: 176 miles
  • Sirrus
    • Trips: 40
    • Distance: 706 miles
  • Brompton
    • Trips: 133
    • Distance: 631 miles
  • Total
    • Trips: 204
    • Distance: 1632 miles
  • 2010/11 Total
    • Trips: 204
    • Distance: 1571.8 miles
Not sure how I ended up with exactly the same number of trips as last year, but there you go. You can see the massive increase in Brompton use, because I’m working in London. The Sirrus total is now almost exclusively longer rides, rather than 5 or so miles to work and back. That probably accounts for the slightly larger total, despite not having as long a journey each day.
The minimal use of the Windcheetah resulted in it’s sale. Due to it’s limited use, the Khatmandu got an overhaul and is now pleasant to ride.
  1. Does the windcheetah mileage include mine and dave’s?
    Is the cruz unloved at the moment?

  2. It’s only my mileage, so not you and Dave on the Windcheetah. I think that would only add 5 miles tops.

    The Cruz is still plenty loved and I ride it about for fun when Anne’s got it out, but this just shows I’ve not done any significant riding on it. As I had 3 bikes/trikes (4 including the Brompton), I never had the time to invest in something else. To be honest, between a very upright touring bike and the Cruz, I think it’d have the edge for comfort and speed.

      • timscyclingblog
      • October 7th, 2012

      Does Anne take the cruz out often?

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