A windy day out

I finally got out on another 100k Audax today.

I don’t know if it was me or the 20mph+ winds from the South West, but it felt like I crawled most of the way round the course (at one point I had to stop because I got depressed going at walking pace on the flat). The worst thing was, even with the wind at my back, 10% hills seemed really hard, like the bike weighed a ton or was rolling through mud. Could just be that I got tired battling into the wind for the first 20 miles, then was shattered for the rest, or could be I’ve lost some fitness. Rather than getting depressed by my dive in fitness, I told myself that even if I’ve gotten less fit, doing the ride is what I have to do to sort it out.

I’m glad I didn’t try the 25% monsters in Surrey today, but the roads around Box hill are bad enough after a little drizzle, let alone torrential rain. As it was, I came across one entirely flooded road and had to ride through the lake very carefully.

  1. If you’d have been up for one yesterday I’d have come along to help you out.

    The wind really hurts the average speed, but a gusty tail wind is fun and worth the headwind out.

    It’s depressing when the whole ride is headwind because the wind changes on you.

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