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Audax 2013 – March – Two beasts

My second Audax of 2013. I’m still on course for one an month (not including January), just.

This route took in two big hills out of the “Another 100 Greatest Cycling Climbs” book. Both were rated as 5/10. I’d agree with the second (Frocester Hill), which was long, but not so steep. The first (Haresfield Beacon) I struggled with. I stopped 3 times. Once for possible ice on the road, once when I spotted an absurdly steep section ahead and was already exhausted and once at the top of the absurdly steep section when the road continued at just under 20%, but I was about to explode. When I say absurdly steep, this seemed steeper than Winterfold / Barhatch Lane, which I know is 25% and is rated 9/10 in the book. If I stood to go up, my rear wheel slipped and if I sat down I couldn’t move the bike. Maybe my hillclimb legs just aren’t in for this year yet…

I met a nice cyclist from the Gloucester Cycling Club and we chatted as we rode around near Frampton on Severn.

My route again took in a long section of the A38, which is still a great cycling road in my opinion. Wide, smooth and not alot of traffic (they’re all on the M5).

Next 100k will hopefully be in Norfolk and 10% of the climbing :-).

Mille Camberley

Three months into the year and I’ve hit 1000 miles!

Here’s the daily moving average.

Commuting speed graph


I’m not an Excel guru or I’d make the points different colours depending which bike I was on and just have the range from 13-20mph. You see the dent made by riding the “Khatmandu” mountain bike with ice tyres through the endless winter. The first 3 days were also just after Christmas before everyone went back to work so were pretty much traffic free, giving an initial spike.

I think the trend’s upwards ever so slightly. How much of that is fitness and how much is me learning every inch of the route I can’t say.


£10 Transport

My new office is about a mile from the town centre. My colleague and I were getting annoyed by having to take our whole lunch break to take a trip into town. I missed being able to just pop out and get little bits and pieces that I needed. I do cycle to work, but my “real” bike looks a little flash and I’d be paranoid locking it up in town.

So, I decided to trawl EBay with a budget of £10 and the result is “the office bike” (innuendo included as it’s a lady):

Office bike 1 Office bike 2

Unfortunately, on the first ride, an inner tube blew and had to be replaced, increasing the value of the bike by 50%!

Now that’s fixed, it goes surprisingly well. The gears work and I think the brakes are ok (though my colleague disagrees). Now it takes 5 minutes to get into town and it’s less effort. Question is, why doesn’t everyone do this for £10?

(That was a good point to end it, but I think the answer is that re-cycling £10 bikes doesn’t make anyone any real money, so there’s no interest in it from those that could make it more popular.)