£10 Transport

My new office is about a mile from the town centre. My colleague and I were getting annoyed by having to take our whole lunch break to take a trip into town. I missed being able to just pop out and get little bits and pieces that I needed. I do cycle to work, but my “real” bike looks a little flash and I’d be paranoid locking it up in town.

So, I decided to trawl EBay with a budget of £10 and the result is “the office bike” (innuendo included as it’s a lady):

Office bike 1 Office bike 2

Unfortunately, on the first ride, an inner tube blew and had to be replaced, increasing the value of the bike by 50%!

Now that’s fixed, it goes surprisingly well. The gears work and I think the brakes are ok (though my colleague disagrees). Now it takes 5 minutes to get into town and it’s less effort. Question is, why doesn’t everyone do this for £10?

(That was a good point to end it, but I think the answer is that re-cycling £10 bikes doesn’t make anyone any real money, so there’s no interest in it from those that could make it more popular.)

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