Audax 2013 – September – Alresford quest

You may notice the lack of any August Audax. It would have been nice to have the complete set, but several holidays with the children intervened and I didn’t want to mess up plans with half days away. Perhaps I’ll do two this month to make up for it…

I embarked on the CTC Cyclequest several years ago and figured that my various Audax rides would be a good way to knock off the clues. The target for this ride was Alresford in Hampshire. I think that makes it about 10 out of 402, this could take time!

The route incorporated some of the Stonehenge 200 as I remember that this took us through alot of nice scenery and seemed to avoid horrifically bumpy lanes that were the bane of my previous ride. The route was indeed excellent, but I’m surprised I didn’t go faster as I felt good all the way round and didn’t have to resort to crawl mode and the elevation gain wasn’t as much as many of the rides I’ve done.

I did indeed make it to Alresford, found the answer (SPOILER ALERT: if you cheat and take the answer from here, you’ll never be able to live with yourself):

CQ Alresford

and got a nice picture of “Black 5” (you learn something from train obsessed children):


  1. You blame the children, but where do you think they get it from?

  1. November 30th, 2013

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