Velokraft Tailbox

I took delivery of my Velokraft tailbox today (after only 4 months wait!), and a very nice piece of kit it is too. It’s about the same weight as the mudguard that needed to be removed to fit it! The nice people at Bikefix fitted it for me.

Here’s a picture of the assembled beauty, taking advantage of South West Trains’ bike space. Glad I didn’t try this at rush-hour!

Raptobike with tailbox

There was much appreciation of the box outside the shop from various recumbenteers, including a velomobile rider. Also, someone wandering about on his lunch break took the time to say, “that’s awesome” as I waited at lights.

    • Joanne
    • November 28th, 2014

    Did you order your Velokraft tailbox directly from the company? I’d like to buy one but I can’t seem to find the contact info on their website…

    • No, I ordered it through Bikefix ( I’m not sure how I got onto them as importers.

      I’m glad I did, because the Velokraft people seemed rather disorganized and initially built the box for the wrong type of seat.

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