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Cycling mileage 2014 vs 2013

2013 2014
Miles Count Miles Count
Sirrus 2529.39 124 153.81 9
Sirrus Light  1597.21  75
Linskey 3357.64 160
Khatmandu  84.94  8 46.66 3
Khatmandu – ice 190.15 11  7.83  1
Raptobike 49.17 5  152.83  7
TOTAL 4450.86 223 3718.77 180

New bike this year, but reduced mileage. I’m not entirely sure why, but I think it’s a combination of:

  • having a lingering cold for the first few months of the year, so taking the car to work some more
  • doing in my back mid August which curtailed fun rides during a prime season
  • working at home more (especially several weeks in the summer where the air con was broken in the office)

You can really tell how much milder last winter was than the previous one by the fact that the spiked tyres only got used once (though really should have been at least one more time to avoid terror!).

I have also been collecting my average commuting speed (combined moving average of going in and coming home) for the last couple of years.

Commuting speed graph 2014vs2013 scatter


Not sure what it means, apart from that a TI bike won’t double your speed. However, I think this year I’ve been taking slower, but more pleasant routes, so it’s definitely not slower.