Audax 2015 – Wales Raid – Dave’s rememberings

Roughly in order from our departure until my abandon:

  • The Kite when my jockey died
  • Looking at every cyclist from Stratfield Mortimer to Thatcham as a potential donor of bike parts, with or without their consent
  • A miracle – finding a bike shop with just the right part open to 6:30? on a Friday, which then morphs into a tea (with milk) and coffee producer and then it’s a bike shop with a toilet and showers for customers (
  • The first blue bell woods
  • A hare going from left to right
  • Looking down on the orange lights of towns below us
  • The first part of the night when the Moon was still strong
  • Riding on the right hand side of the road
  • East German approach to getting the best from athletes
  • A Cadbury factory
  • The landscape gardener who wanted to be reincarnated a prostitute
  • A strangely lit up hill just on the border with Wales
  • Girl in the panini restaurant putting extra cheese in our toasties on hearing of our audacious adventure, a terrible burden to carry over the lower slopes of Mt Gospel but essential for some of the high altitude work we had to do.
  • Thinking we had done the ridge between the mountains and the estuary before it had really got going.
  • You shouting out encouragement when I KOM’d that ramp
  • Knocking a man over with the combined force of our bike lights (we stopped to check he was ok)
  • Hallucinating that hedges were walls in a corridor and a donkey emerging from a porch
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