Bad Start to 2017 Cycling

It all seems to have gone wrong at once cycling wise for the first quarter of 2017.

Firstly, there was a spate of punctures. I averaged about one inner tube change every 3 days after managing 2016 with none! In retrospect, I think the rear tyre had worn out as, having changed it, I’ve had no more trouble.

Then there was a strange disc brake malfunction, where the caliper got tangled in the rotor. Not a big deal to fix (new caliper), but a terrible noise on the way into work.

There was also another disc brake problem where the calipers started rubbing on the rotor whatever the adjustment. I called East Street Cycles to boot it in for a look, but the mechanic explained how to correct the problem, so another job done.

In the middle of this, one icy day, I took the old mountain bike to work with ice tyres. Exactly half way through the journey, the chain snapped! I carry spare chain links, but that’s for my normal 10 speed, not the 7 speed on the MTB. Also in retrospect, I think I should have just thrown one of the 10 speed ones in hand hoped for the best, but I thought scooting wouldn’t be too bad. It wasn’t apart from one piece of road (A325 from Farnborough to Frimley) where there was no real pavement.

Having got through all these mechanicals, I was ready for abit of un-troubled cycling. Then without warning something happened in my back. There wasn’t a great deal of pain, but my left leg started spasming like it did in 2015. Unlike in 2015 however, I then lost power and feeling in my left knee. It was a very strange sensation not being able to push my leg downwards. More worryingly, visiting the GP, they told me that because of the lack of pain, it probably meant it wasn’t a trapped nerve, but nerve damage and might well not get better! Not being able to run, cycle or walk up stairs at 37 would be no joke.

Fortunately, the power has been returning slowly. It seems that gentle bike riding loosens up the muscles and helps a little, so I’ve embarked on my own cycle based physiotherapy regimen. Touch wood the improvements will continue. The commute to work today was almost back to normal, so I’m hopeful, though I don’t think I’ll be doing anything “epic” for a while.

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