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Audax 200k – Aldershot to Bristol via Salisbury

This ride was cold and wet. Also, it seems like I had to put in an enormous effort to go very slowly.

There were a couple of “path” sections, that might have been fine in summer, but were mud-holes.

Stopped for a sandwich at Old Saurum. This was a terrible mistake because I go so cold, I had to ride hard with all my layeres on for several miles to warm up.

Got terribly lost trying to get through Froome. It had just gotten dark and started pouring with rain, so it was very hard to read the GPS.

On the lanes transitioning from the Radstock to Bath cycle paths, the rain got heavy again. Resulting in more horrible mud, then having to put on my balaclava to keep warm!

Finishing on cycle paths was good, but some of the route into bath was not metalled, so, in combination with the earlier mud, the bike got truly filthy.

I went through my water much more quickly than I expected and had a headache for the last third.