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Audax 200k – Oxford Floods

There looked like there was a gap in the rain warnings, so I decided to attempt this ride before getting into the Christmas season.

I kind of wish I hadn’t.

The rain was hammering down when I woke up at 4am (I wanted to make sure I was back home for a party at 4pm) and was still hammering when it was time to leave.

The roads towards Oxfordshire were very wet and I had to go through several large puddles. I was cold as well and I wish I’d put on thicker socks.

Then at West Hanney, there was a puddle so large I didn’t fancy risking it. I saw a Land Rover go through up to the wheel arches and there was no way round. I took a detour that was far longer than it needed to be, but at least it was fairly dry roads.

I had made an in-advisable routing choice for the season of a farm track between Coleshill and Watchfield. This was a terrible mud hole.

McDonalds at Watchfield was still serving breakfast.

Going back South I was battling a strong headwind. Then after the A4 more floods started to intervene. Near West End Green, there was another enormous puddle with no way round. I peddaled through very slowly, but in the middle, the road dropped away and I was able to only just save myself, but with water up to my knees. There was another wading incident near Fleet, but I figured I was so wet anyway it didn’t matter.

On a back-road I lifted a phesant out of a puddle, but I think it had been hit by a car and died anyway.