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Audax 200k – Windy Wiltshire

The torrential rain and gales abated a little, so it was the chance for the January ride.

The forecast had been for no rain, but I packed coat and overshoes anyway and un-surprisingly, it started drizzling heavily 30 minutes in.

The ride out wasn’t too bad depite the headwind until abit of a low after Pewsey where I was going slow and got passed by another roadie. I tried to accelerate to stay on their tail, but there was nothing in the tank.

I worried about accessing the church at Alton Priors for the first Cycle Quest clue. However, despite the grass being sodden, there wasn’t that much mud and I managed to walk right roud the church.

The ride up the hill past the Alton Barnes White Horse was awesome with a monster tailwind, as was most of the ride to Hungerford, via a pub lunch and the second Cycle Quest clue at Ramsbury.

After that I was feeling the cross / headwind and getting tired, but I completed the ride in good time.

Alton Priors Church

View North from Alton Priors

Alton Barnes White Horse

Pub Lunch

Ramsford Cycle Quest Clue

2019 Roundup

Mileage & trip counts:

2017 2018 2019
Miles Count Miles Count Miles Count
Sirrus 24.8 2
Linskey 2863 149 2647.14 154 3443 141
Khatmandu 23.43 2
Khatmandu – ice 113.53 7 62.88 4
Raptobike 58.04 2
Vagabond 215.65 14 680 45
Vagabond – Ice 86 5
Other 18.6 2
TOTAL 3082.8 162 2925.67 172 4227 193

Despite cycling to Scotland, the milage total was still not as high as 2013. Must be the difference of not working at home on fridays (and the Randonneur 1000 I did in 2013).

Continued use of the Vagabond means that I have hardly driven to work at all.