I’m a cyclist and a coder, what more to say. I’m abit of an evangelist for both.

Cycling can solve an array of transportation and health issues. Coding can solve many transportation and other issues if combined with an open mind.


Since I was young, I’ve been interested in motorsport. I’m a fan of F1 and motorbikes and any sort of high speed competition. I’ve been a dab hand at karting for a while and have several Corporate Games championships under my belt. I even bought my own kart and did some racing with it, until I ran out of money.

Driving on the road is nothing like competitive driving, which is essentially an exercise in optimisation. Sure, taking a twisting A road quickly can be fun, but doesn’t compare with the complete use of the vehicle and circuit required to get anywhere in competition (unless you don’t care about being killed in about 5 minutes).

Through cycling, I’ve found a way to integrate competition into my daily life. When I commute to work, I can push myself and the machine as hard as possible, without getting a speeding ticket. Also, I can tinker with my bike and get real results. If I tuned my car engine, I’d sit in traffic with 10hp more, if I fit TT bars, I’ll see the 2mph benefit!

Oh yes, and I will never have to go to the gym and waste £70 a month because I get all the exercise I need and only get home a few minutes later than if I drove.

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