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2016 Roundup

Starting with mileage against the last few years against 2016:

2014 2015 2016
Miles Count Miles Count Miles Count
Sirrus 153.81 9 152.69 4
Linskey 3357.64 160 3243.03 158 3793.61 161
Khatmandu 46.66 3 40.08 4
Khatmandu – ice 7.83 1 101.61 6 17.12 1
Raptobike 152.83 7 2.86 1 19.24 1
Other 18.4 2
TOTAL 3718.77 180 3540.27  173 3848.37 165

Working at home and taking the car in icy weather has hit the number of rides yet again last year, but the mileage has been boosted by my SR rides. Also, because of the SR, any riding I did was focused on being ready on the Lynskey (or large chunks used for actually doing the rides), so usage of the Raptobike suffered. Something I want to rectify in 2017.

Speaking of SR:


I’m really happy to have finally achieved not only a 600k, but also stringing together a 400, 300 & 200 in a single season. The 600 & 200 were marred by terrible weather, so it was good to get through them at all and I was really happy with my times for the 300 and 400.

Commuting speed was still decent:


Still not sure what the graph means apart from the fact that I go faster in the summer and that a combined average of more that 20mph is really hard.

The SR Series completion means that I can update my life in bikes diagram. This looks like my cycling stable has started to stabilize:

Bike life 2016.png



Cycling bliss


Cycling Belgium

I attended a friends stag party in the Belgium city of Leuven (about 10 miles from Brussels). Apart from the drinking, I managed to get in some cycling experience.

First, it was interesting to see what a nice town it was, in part because of the amount of cycling and the converse lack of cars. All across the weekend, I only ever saw a few cars at a time, but plenty of people cycling, often with their children. Bear in mind it was at least -4 degrees with ice and snow around.

Belgian cycle paths Leuven Giant cycle parking

Some nice pics of Belgian cycle paths, the bike infested town and nice big cycle parking provision in the centre of town.

As well as observing the cycle culture, I took a punt at looking for Challenge dealers and found one next door to the hostel. The excellent A bikes: As well as stocking Challenge recumbents, they also did a fine range of Rholoff bikes and child “solutions”. Despite clearly not having any intention of buying a bike then and there (and unlikely to return to Belgium just for the purpose), the owner let me have a go on a Fujin SL1.

My friends who had come to watch me fall over on the ice were surprised when I disappeared off round the block. Conclusion, very nice handling for something so laid back and it just felt like it wanted to move, would have been awesome to do a longer ride (not in the snow). Proximity to vehicles wan’t worrying, but I could have done with a mirror.

Merry Christmas

Huge lunch, plenty of presents, kids to bed. What to do next, except head off into the howling darkness?

Really nice trip: just the right temperature; beautiful lights in Farnham; dead quiet roads and the cars I met had chilled drivers.

Merry Christmas everyone. Hope it’s not raining for new year!

Birthday Ride

What to have as a birthday present? A grinding ride through the Surrey hills!

I was abit disappointed by the average speed after we blitzed the lead up to the hills and went pretty quick up them. I think it’s the fact that the descents were all narrow, twisting, wet and one in particular, incredibly rough. I’m not a strong descender at the best of times, but this was just silly.

Nice to have a ride with friends in beautiful countryside though.

A new record (for the Windcheeath)

I took the Windcheetah out round the test loop last night with it’s faring on and managed to get the fastest time on it so far. I’ve updated the ride log page with it and will hopefully add Brompton and RANS Cruz for comparison at some point.

I did have to stop for two “mechanicals” when the faring was starting to detach itself after bumps. I did stop the timer as I was slowing down and made sure I was moving at a decent speed again when I switched it back on, so I doubt it will have affected the average. I also stopped the timer a little early because of roadworks near the house which I ended up having to avoid on the pavement.

I forgot to take my heart rate monitor, so there is no way to see how hard I was trying, but I could hardly walk this morning if that’s anything to go by.

The Windcheetah seem faster down the hills, but about the same on the flat, through somewhat more comfortable than a TT position. It’s slow up the hills, but better recumbent legs would improve that situation.

A new record

I made a late evening / night attempt on the test loop and I managed the fastest speed I’ve ever managed!

I think The Sands – Shackleford road has had a similar gravel treatment to the one at 90 degrees to it, but it didn’t affect me much because I could ride on the car track.

Perfect conditions with a very slight tailwind on the way home. Maybe one day I’ll crack 19!

HR still abit crazy to start with, but goes along with my theory that once I get sweaty the contacts are better and the recording not insane. Will have to work on positioning to get that from the beginning.