Stuff I don’t get

There are many things that I do or don’t do, but I can understand why others don’t or do as the case may be.

But there are some things I don’t get at all:

  • TV shopping channels – eh?
  • Freemium games – I wan’t to win because I’m good, not because I pay more / pay at all, computer games are one of the few chances in life you can avoid pay to win
  • Driving to work in London – Dante’s Inferno looks like more of a laugh
  • Status symbols – I like cool stuff, but because it does cool things, not because it’s expensive
  • Mocumentaries – that aren’t taking the mick
  • Not thinking that health is the most important thing – would you prefer NOT to be filthy rich or have a cold for the rest of your life?
  • Racism / Sexism – some people I like, some I don’t, nowt to do with their ethnicity

I’ve probably just been done by Communist propaganda…


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