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Cruz is Cool

My wife owns a RANS Cruz:

My more purist cyclist friends lay scorn on it for its lack of aerodynamics and Rolhoff, but I think it looks cool and I find the ride really fun.

The fact it looks cool was proved today when a guy on a scooter was so busy checking it out, that he hit the kerb and fell off!

Luckily, he was fine and now knows about RANS.

Excel Array Formulas

I just found a feature of Excel that I’ve never heard of before: Array Formulas!

Essentially, you can use ranges in criteria of functions such as COUNTIF. Full details available:

I used it to find the number of distinct values in a column (

All you need in the formula is:


The curly braces around the formula make this an array formula.

I reckon I could do some pretty fancy processing using this in the future.. Not sure what though.


The ride that didn’t happen


Not really fair to leave her feeling like death looking after 2 kids and having to pack and drive them to Bristol. Oh well, there’ll be next time.