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Audax 2013 – November – Non-stop Alresford

I almost didn’t make an Audax ride for November. But I’ve managed to squeezed one in at the last moment, mainly as an excuse to test the Rivet saddle I have on load from Carradice (see picture). I couldn’t be bothered to put a new route together, so I just re-did the 100k I’ve enjoyed the most, my trip to Alresford.

I managed the whole thing without stopping for more than a minute and made a decent average speed, despite it being cold and fairly windy.

The saddle performed well, the main thing I noticed was that the edge of the pad appeared to be on my sit bones, unless I pulled them too tight!

Rivet Diablo on bike

Next time I’ll try without a pad I think, I could have done with my “thermo” tights anyway!

1.5m law?

Tonight I was admonished by a motorist for passing on the right (due to a garage and lots of people turning left at a mini roundabout). He was adamant that the Highway Code said that you must cycle within 1.5m of the kerb.

I hadn’t read the highway code since doing my driving test (and I doubt many people, especially this gentleman have either). I said to him that I didn’t believe it was true, but decided to check when I got home. Unsurprisingly, I was correct and there is no mention in the Highway Code of a 1.5m law. If I am challenged about this in the future, I can now be absolutely certain, rather than pretty sure.

Thinking about it, it wouldn’t be a feasible rule, how could you ever turn right, especially if there were more than one lane?

It’d be interesting to know where this urban myth has sprung from, but I will probably never see this person again to correct their prejudice. Oh well.