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No code!

Having started this blog, I’ve now landed myself a role that involves no code!

I am helping to develop data exchange standards for the Department for Education (and everyone involved in learning in the UK).

After the initial panic during the first few weeks that I wasn’t “producing” anything, I’m now kind of enjoying the break from design/development/testing for something more abstract.

I am glad I’ll have the day job to go back to eventually, I only hope I’m not too rusty!

In the meantime, I’ll be trying abit of HTML5 development on the train, 3G signal permitting.

The only way to travel “in town”

Big Ben and Brompton

Why would you cram yourself on a cattle truck underground train when you could have this!

Also swooping around on the roads lets you avoid the crowds on the pavement.

The Brompton seems an ideal bike for the city, it accelerates fast, is very nimble and gives me confidence in the corners. Oh yes, and you can fold it up and put it under your seat on the train!