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2016 Roundup

Starting with mileage against the last few years against 2016:

2014 2015 2016
Miles Count Miles Count Miles Count
Sirrus 153.81 9 152.69 4
Linskey 3357.64 160 3243.03 158 3793.61 161
Khatmandu 46.66 3 40.08 4
Khatmandu – ice 7.83 1 101.61 6 17.12 1
Raptobike 152.83 7 2.86 1 19.24 1
Other 18.4 2
TOTAL 3718.77 180 3540.27  173 3848.37 165

Working at home and taking the car in icy weather has hit the number of rides yet again last year, but the mileage has been boosted by my SR rides. Also, because of the SR, any riding I did was focused on being ready on the Lynskey (or large chunks used for actually doing the rides), so usage of the Raptobike suffered. Something I want to rectify in 2017.

Speaking of SR:


I’m really happy to have finally achieved not only a 600k, but also stringing together a 400, 300 & 200 in a single season. The 600 & 200 were marred by terrible weather, so it was good to get through them at all and I was really happy with my times for the 300 and 400.

Commuting speed was still decent:


Still not sure what the graph means apart from the fact that I go faster in the summer and that a combined average of more that 20mph is really hard.

The SR Series completion means that I can update my life in bikes diagram. This looks like my cycling stable has started to stabilize:

Bike life 2016.png